Employee Testimonials

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What Do Our Candidates Think?

Good people great service! One of the best Temp Agencies I’ve ever been to…

Jonathan G.

I love the peacefulness that the company gives knowing that they are there when you need them, alone with knowing that your check is on time…every time. 

Ricardo K.

It was great that steadfast helped me find my preferred job. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Carlos M.

Great people!! friendly staff!! Very fast employment services upon availability. I recommended them to friends and family.

Grace W. 

Such a great and friendly environment! All the employees show that they care, and want to help! 10/10 would recommend!

Hailey S.

Very nice and comfortable environment. The staff were helpful and consistent with making calls to keep me updated on job placement. I would recommend!

Tyseria R.

The Best place ever!!! Very good staff they are so sweet and very welcoming. They help me get hired on within the next day at my current job.. They also helped me around my schedule. They were very pleased to hear that I came all the way from the Delta just to get a job that I wanted, and I LOVE MY JOB!   Thank you all so much😊 I would recommend everyone to come to them I promise they are good people!!

Janae B.

I went Expecting to get one job and I left there with the job that I enjoy doing. They are the best, hands down. Their people skills are also second to none. 

Willie J.