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Five-star feedback for Steadfast Employment.

What Do Our Clients Think?

We are so happy with this company. The ladies in the front office are wonderful and always willing to help when we need it. They are very accommodating and easy to work with! I would 100% recommend Steadfast to anyone looking for temporary staffing needs.

Evette A. – HR Manager

Steadfast recruits skilled qualified candidates, who are hardworking driven and provide quality work. We have never had an issue with Steadfast. They are the BEST EMPLOYMENT AGENCY I’ve ever partnered within my 17 plus years of being in HR!!

Adrian W. – HR Manager

The whole team at Steadfast Employment has done an excellent job for us.  We now use them for all our staffing needs, and they have filled just about every hourly position on our yard at one time or another. The communication has remained strong and we have not had the first instance of an employee not getting paid correctly. They have truly become a business partner that we depend on daily.

Chad R. – Operations Manager

They ALL do everything in their power to provide me with the workers I request – when I request them. They are awesome to be around, in conversation, laughing, and joking. But also, very professional at the same time. They are great to be around and work with daily.

Trisha E. – Human Resources Coordinator

Just a shout-out to the whole team here in Flowood. They work well together and with us as the client to try to fill our open positions with quality candidates.

Randy A. – HR Manager

They took the time to line up a host of candidates within a couple of days so we could conduct all of our interviews at once which allowed us to pick the best candidates before they went somewhere else.

Lorena L. – Human Resources

I would say Steadfast excels over the competition in 3 categories: Flexibility, Communication, and Customer Service.

Brice W. – Branch Manager

The customer service, recruiters and the whole team in general have great attitudes and are very easy to work with.

Sam A. – HR Manager

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